VeriWeb: Reducing the barriers to formal methods

VeriWeb is a web-interface for verifying Java programs with ESC/Java2. It introduces several innovative features to lower the skill barrier to formal verification and enable crowdsourced verification.

VeriWeb and related technologies are currently developed by Todd Schiller, Kellen Donohue, Forrest Coward, Allen Liu, and Michael Ernst.

License: All content and data on this page is currently licensed under Matt Might's fine CRAPL academic license.

Source Code

The VeriWeb source code is available on Github under the CRAPL academic license.

Live Demo

The demo server is currently down; if you need access to a live demo or demo video please email Todd Schiller.

Caveat emptor: The demo server is running the development version of VeriWeb. Currently this means:

Study Materials and Results

Comparative Study Materials

Comparative Study Results

We will be releasing combined bid, performance, and survey results once we have a chance to merge and anonymize the data. Full session logs will be released with the VeriWeb source, as they are in a custom binary format.

Collaborative Study Materials

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship under Grant No. DGE-0718124.